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Edited by DomFontana at , 30 May Edited by Bluesky at , 08 Jun Register Today's Posts Games Search! Age of Heroes Headlines:.

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Thread: Heroes 5 HoF latest patch information - Patch 2. DomFontana2 Tavern Dweller. I read this entire thread and didn't see my problem reported. Background Information: I have Homm V, and both expansions. I updated all of them. For the original game, I have version 1. I played that and finished all the campaigns.

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Now I just started playing Hammers of Fate. I have version 2. The small change is that when right-clicking on a stack of creatures, in HOMM V, it would tell you the level of danger, which I liked. That lets you see info about all your Heroes, Towns, and Resources.

I can't believe they would just omit that information and no one else has mentioned it, so I figure it's just a problem with my game. Thanks for any help. They released Hammers of Fate based off of Homm 5 v1.

Hammers of Fate only includes the features added in patch 1. There are actually tons of differences in addition to the missing kingdom overview and the missing dangometer like no mana button, no sleep button, no dark energy bar, different skill wheels, no wait button There isn't a way that I found to get those features back because they are hard coded in the different EXE files.

No mod can add such features. Maybe you can find a place to download the Hammers of Fate scenarios and play them in Tribes of the East to gain such features. I personally haven't tried that though. Thanks, fulano. That's crazy that they left all those features out of HOF. Thanks, again. Thanks, gishena.

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  • A buggy patch. What will they think of next? Icicle Tavern Dweller. Thanks for all the information and the patch Much appreciated Wow, almost 11 months between posts in this thread.

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    Ya, I found that Tribes of the East works a lot better and is only a few dollars more so I got rid of my copy of Hammers of Fate. Hey guys, I recently finished the Heroes5 Campaign and I moved to hammers of fate. I noticed that in combat after being attacked creatures are standing idle for a while before retaliating. I downloaded the latest patch 2. Have you faced anything similar?

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    Couple of horrible typos in there. Syntax for interacting with properties Authoring. Inform 6 and 7. Karunamon February 25, , am 1.

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    My story looks like this so far: A dangometer is a kind of device. The description of the dangometer is "A thin strip of plastic containing an antenna and a small digital display. The display, so you're told, indicates how dangerous your surroundings are. A room has a number called danger level. The danger level of a room is usually 0.


    Definition: A room is safe if its danger level is 0. Definition: A room is dangerous if its danger level is 1 or more. Definition: A room is deadly if its danger level is 9 or more. Every turn while the player is in a dangerous room: Increase danger level by 1.