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It is the first time in the Medals history that both winning titles have been written in verse: in The Poet X , in verse influenced by slam poetry; in The Lost Words , in the form of spells.

Science fiction. Fantasy. The universe. And related subjects.

In both cases, the books use verse to create space for forgotten or marginalised voices and words. She gave me permission to write a story about young people who take up space, who do not make themselves small, who learn the power of their own words. A proportion of the proceeds from each book are donated to youth charity, Action for Conservation.

It seems to me that artists, writers, musicians have one job at the moment — to help to tell the truth about what is happening to this small and fragile world we inhabit, to re-engage with the natural world, to inspire and to imagine better ways to live. Because there is no Planet B and we are at a turning point. And because in order to make anything happen it first needs to be imagined.

And as writers and illustrators for children we grow the readers and thinkers of the future. Together we can make a change. And we must. The right to an education and to be able to read are fundamentals. We know how much power a book holds between its covers. We follow the emotional odyssey of its heroine, Xiomara, as she rails, cries, laughs, loves, prays, writes, raps and, ultimately, offers hope. Xiomara comes to life on every page and shows the reader how girls and women can learn to inhabit, and love, their own skin. The illustrations test our acuity and make us all think on a much deeper level about scale, colour and proportion; also, about representations of loss and absence.

This is an astonishing book, which deserves the highest accolades. The Poet X explores themes of identity, freedom, first love and finding your own voice. A young girl in Harlem discovers slam poetry as a way to understand her mother's religion and her own relationship to the world. This one will stay with you a long time. C, USA, where she lives and works. MCConnell, Crysral E. McNally, Linda A. Perkins, Lynne R. Pickens, Anne C.

Santangelo, Linda R. Silver, Sandra S. Sivulich, Nan J. Sturdivant, Peggy Sullivan, Rosemary Weber.

Toppsta - Childrens Books – Reviews

Taylor Dial. Quimby, St. Carlson, Gertrude Congdon, Mary K. Conwell, Thomas W. Downen, Mary V.

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Military News

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Coughlan, Vergie F. Cox, Carol N. Euller, Elizabeth T.

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The Old Man and the Medal | work by Oyono | Britannica

O'Brien Atheneum Honor Books:. Brown, Glenn E. Estes, Caroline Feller, Sara I. Fenwick, Ethel L. Huck, Luree Jaquith, Margaret E. Johnston, Vivian T. Peaslee, Barbara Rollock, Frances A. Sullivan, Binne L.

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Farmer, Mrs. Stanon, Cliare R. Strelzoff, Sandra J. Armstrong Harper Honor Books:. Edmonds, Susan H.